Headlines — 7/08/17


Trolls are using Gamergate tactics to target CNN staffers, Trump supporters are tricked into protesting a fake rally, Kris Kobach head’s the President’s voter suppression effort, and more.

The Daily Beast – The anti-CNN harassment campaign is using the Gamergate playbook.
Teen Vogue – Why you can’t ever call an enslaved woman a ‘mistress.’
Mic – Florida city votes to rename streets named for Confederate generals.
BuzzFeed News – A fake story tricked Trump supporters into protesting for no reason, then one of them accidentally shot himself.
Raw Story – Trump fan threatens Muslims with ‘billions of camel jockey-piercing rounds of ammo.’
The Forward – Milo Yiannopoulos hires dwarfs wearing yarmulkes to mock rival.
The Nation – Adults think black girls are older than they are — and it matters.
The Atlantic – The racial and religious paranoia of Trump’s Warsaw speech.
Washington Spectator – Turning back the clock on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Esquire – Kris Kobach is leading the most insidious dimension of Trump’s assault on democracy.