Alt-Righter Says Literal Angry White Men ‘Will Give You Something To Fear’

Kekistani Protesters

Looks like I got another bit of fan mail from a white nationalist, this time from someone calling himself “coon the baboon.”

According to “coon,” it’s wrong for me to poke fun at white nationalists, alt-righters, Neo-Nazis, and other malcontents whom I’ve labeled “angry white men” — and yes, sometimes women too.

As he put it:

Why are you white commies so afraid of “angry” white men? Are white people not allowed to be angry? Niggers and muslims are out there blowing you up, shooting you, and raping you, and yet “angry” white men are to fear. The leftist mind is interesting and lacking in self-awareness. “Angry” white men are the least of your troubles, white pussy boy.

He must mean the plural “you,” since I haven’t been blown up, shot, or raped by black people or Muslims or anyone really. And yes, I think white people are allowed to be angry. Though I think we ought to be angry at having to share oxygen with the likes of “coon the baboon” here.

But you better believe they’re angry when you commies are constantly pushing your anti-white garbage.

I’ve noticed that a lot of these people like to assume they know more about my identity than they actually do. So far I’ve been variously called: white, black, gay/lesbian, a woman (who may or may not hoard cats), and a Jew. Now I can add Communist to this list.

Shit will hit the fan soon, whether by your pet blacks or by those “angry” white men who finally will give you something to fear.

Yeah, RAHOWA’s right around the corner, buddy. And when it happens I’m sure you and your friends will finally leave your rooms, grab your Kekistani flags and copies of The Turner Diaries, and go hunt down Commies.

Also, had a good laugh at your channel description. Ridiculous beliefs? Yeah, like how it’s natural for people to want to be with their own and not want to die out?

Anyone else think “coon the baboon” is mad?

Beliefs that are held by the majority of the rest of the world. So crazy, right?

Like, really mad?

Yeah, we should all just believe that everyone is the same and equal and we can all live together happily. Delusion is bliss. And you are deluded.

I, for one, do not believe everyone “is the same and equal and we can all live together happily.” I don’t believe this troll is my equal, nor do I think I can live with such people, happily or otherwise.