David Duke Suggests Erecting Monuments of Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘Beating’ His ‘White Prostitutes’

On the latest episode of The David Duke Show, the former Klan leader continued to complain that statues of white “heroes” like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis are being taken down — which he connected to widespread anti-white discrimination.

“We all know, folks, the fact is that there is no quote equality in America,” Duke spat. “What a big lie. We have massive discrimination going on against white people in jobs, employment, scholarships. We are discriminated against at every level. We are attacked with hate propaganda in the movies time after time after time, throwing garbage and excrement on our forefathers and our values.”

He claimed that one symptom of this discrimination was the removal of monuments dedicated to “our heroes” while statues are being erected to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. “What a great example for our kids,” he said sarcastically. “Why don’t they make a monument of Martin Luther King, you know, together with his white prostitutes when he’s beating them?”

The claim that Martin Luther King, Jr. hired and physically abused white sex workers has circulated throughout white supremacist websites for years now. There is also no evidence for this, in spite of the fact that King probably engaged in extramarital affairs.

Duke continued, attacking the late South African civil rights icon Nelson Mandela and noting that he was “convicted of terrorism.” And, in a rare moment of accuracy, Duke stated that Mandela could have been freed from prison if he only “renounce[d] violent terrorism.”

It is true that Mandela, who was imprisoned in 1962, had been offered a presidential pardon by the apartheid South African government in 1985 if he renounced violence, but refused to do so.