Cassie Jaye’s Career Hits a Shameful New Low With Appearance on ‘The Alex Jones Show’

Cassie Jaye InfoWars

On the June 16, 2017 episode of his eponymous online show, Sandy Hook “truther” Alex Jones interviewed Cassie Jaye — the anti-feminist director of The Red Pill, a documentary sympathetic to the men’s rights movement. Jaye and her film have long been controversial due to her ties to men’s rights and alt-right activists, Mike Cernovich and Matt Forney.

In fact, Cernovich — who has gone on record claiming he doesn’t believe in date rape — was the film’s associate producer, and paid $10,000 toward its production.

In a blog post for Danger & Play explaining why, Cernovich wrote that he and his website are “committed to freeing your mind from a debased, slave culture,” and that it would be great to live in a world where “you have sex with a woman without worrying about a false rape accusation.” Cernovich now works for Infowars.

“Not only did making The Red Pill lead me down a path where I no longer call myself a feminist, but now I really see through the mainstream media’s tactics,” Jaye said.

“And the process of releasing the Red Pill film really opened my eyes to how manipulated the people are being from the mainstream media. And men’s rights activists told me while I was making the film that if you make an honest film, people will hate you for it, feminists will hate you for it, the mainstream media won’t give you any kind of favorable coverage of this film. And they were right.”

She recalled how the first mainstream review of her film by the Village Voice was scathing — Jaye was called a “propagandist” and her work labeled “amateurish.” She said that reviewer set the tone for all future reviews and accused him of including “tons of misinformation” and “blatant fabricated lies” about the movie, including the claim that men’s rights activists funded it.

In truth, numerous men’s rights activists and anti-feminist websites (including relentlessly promoted Jaye’s Kickstarter campaign.

Alex Jones called this lack of positive coverage Jaye’s “Congressional Medal of Honor.” Jaye replied that her movie has received the most attention in Canada, the UK, and Australia, but that Australia has “engaged in the most censorship,” with some theaters having pulled the film.

“This is so authoritarian!” Jones declared. “And again, I mean your film is so well done, so balanced, the crime is you bring people together.” Jaye started to say that her film isn’t in any way “propaganda” when Jones interrupted, shouting “But it doesn’t matter, you have a right to put it in theaters! People have a right to go see it!”