Jesse Dunstan Calls Muslims ‘Conquerors’ and Claims They Don’t Belong in the West

Jesse Dunstan

Alt-right vlogger and radio host Jesse Dunstan mocked conservatives for feigning concern over the treatment of women and gays in repressive, majority Muslim countries in his latest episode of “Hihg Svenergy.”

In the video, titled “How Not To Hate Islam,” Dunstan suggested the reason non-Muslims should hate Muslims is that they are trying to “interbreed with us” and conquer the West.

“Any time some CAIR kebab or whatever tries to ride in on his high horse and condemn some violent act his people did on our soil, just remember they have a thing called ‘taqiyya,'” he warned.

Dunstan (wrongly) claimed that taqiyya is “essentially the act of strategically lying to non-Muslims about your beliefs, intentions, actions, etc.” He called the practice “revolutionary discipline for goatfuckers,” which they will cease only when they’ve conquered America.

“These people are conquerors,” he said, “The Arab Muslims would love to do to us what they did to the Persians: Move in, destroy all our shit, interbreed with us until we look like them.”

“This is just what they do,” Dunstan continued, “it’s who they are. They go forth and they conquer. It’s the reason why meek Muslims like Indonesians and Bangladeshis exist. It’s why they’re there and liberals can use them as examples of exceptions that disprove the rule of constant Islamic jihad. It’s like, they’re peaceful and they’re non-radical Muslims because they’re a conquered people. They’re people that were like bowled over and subjugated.”

He then suggested that the same thing would occur in the West if Muslims continue to exist in America and Europe. “The people we really have to be mad at are the ones that are letting these people come here and conquer us. Without a shot being fired,” he insisted.

“I don’t care what their excuse is. ‘Spreading democracy! They’re refugees! They’re trying to escape funding terrorism!’ It doesn’t matter! They don’t belong here and we don’t wanna be conquered by them!”