Headlines — 6/07/17

Racist reporter Katie McHugh is fired from Breitbart, white supremacist Bob Whitaker is dead at age 76, how the alt-right is trying to attract gay men to fascism, and more.

GQ – Breitbart is now firing staffers for doing standard Breitbart stuff.
Media Matters
– Is Breitbart doomed?
CBS News – Portland stabbing suspect shouts ‘not guilty’ in outburst targeting victim.
Right Wing Watch – Alex Jones says wearing ‘hajibs’ as a feminist symbol like ‘putting Jews in gas chambers’ as a ‘new sign of Judaism.’
Hatewatch – Bob Whitaker, author of the racist ‘mantra’ on white genocide, has died.
Mother Jones – The unraveling logic of Trump’s travel ban.
Vox – I used to work at Breitbart; here’s why I think they fired that reporter over a tweet.
The Baffler – White nationalism’s new clothes.
Slate – How alt-right is using sex and camp to attract gay men to fascism.