Headlines — 5/25/17

The 4th Circuit refuses to reinstate Trump’s Muslim ban, another black professor becomes the target of a right-wing witch hunt, a black Maryland college student was lynched by an alt-right sympathizer, and more.

Reuters – In blow to Trump, U.S. appeals court refuses to reinstate travel ban.
The Washington Post – A new GOP bill would make it virtually impossible to sue the police.
Wired – Your handy field guide to the many factions of the far right, from the Proud Boys to Identity Evropa.
The Atlantic – How Richard Spencer became an icon for white supremacists.
Mic – The black Texas professor at the heart of the latest right-wing campus witch hunt speaks.
The Root – New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s speech on terrorist, genocidal Confederate symbolism is one for the history books.
Think Progress – GOP candidate’s attack on journalist is an extension of Trump’s violent, anti-media rhetoric.
The Daily Beast – Inside the head of Dylann Roof, jihadist for white hate.
Jacobin – The lost history of Antifa.
New Republic – When a meatpacking town in Kansas opened its doors to Somali refugees, a group of Trump supporters plotted to kill them after Election Day.
The Nation – A lynching on the University of Maryland campus.