‘I’ll Shoot a Hundred Thousand Muslims’: Breitbart Commenters React to Manchester Bombing

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On Monday, a 22-year-old suicide bomber named Salman Abedi killed 22 and wounded over 60 others at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. ISIS celebrated the attack in a video released online, in which a masked individual vowed that the bombing was “only the beginning” of their war against the “crusaders.”

And despite the fact that Abedi was born in Manchester over two decades ago, anti-immigrant zealots and white nationalists are using his Libyan heritage to justify their calls for sealing Britain’s borders and upholding President Trump’s notorious Muslim ban.

At far-right propaganda outlet Breitbart London, the website’s readers were whipped up in a nativist frenzy, posting some 40,000 comments to an article about the attack. Commenter Steven Chavez commended Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for allegedly closing down some 28,000 mosques — which was reported on almost exclusively by purveyors of fake news like Gateway Pundit and allenbwest.com — and received 260 upvotes:

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Lcorb replied to this comment by predicting that Trump would target “places of worship.” He also wrote that since Confederate flags and statues were taken down in the wake of the Charleston church massacre, mosques should be “torn down with that same logic.” Of course, that comparison would only work if churches were being torn down instead of statues:

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Susan claimed that “America used to be a better place” but has become “more and more 3rd country like” — I assume she meant “Third World.” pat cola complained that his town was “totally taken over by Indians and Muslims.” Monty Mondegreen wrote, “We white people are no longer allowed our own countries anymore”:

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But at least the far-right was pleased that Ariana Grande was traumatized by the event since, you know, she’s a liberal who once joked that she hated America because of our country’s junk food obsession:

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RongBeach went off on a tangent about how she’d rather be a Klan member than be forced to wear the “black sheets” Muslim women have to dress in — a niqab? A burka? Is either particularly popular in the U.S. or the U.K.? At any rate, Prairie Patriot claimed in response that there “is nothing wrong with noticing that genocidal war has been declared upon WE whites, and that our governments sponsor it”:

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Max Headroom wrote, “There is no difference [between Muslims and the Klan], both are subversive and evil.” Prairie Patriot chimed in once more to make it clear that RongBeach wasn’t defending the Klan per se, but rather suggesting that “whites need to protect our own, because nobody else will, especially not our governments”:

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Gabriel joined the white victimization bandwagon, alleging that “many” college professors have “thought about genocide against the white race.” Then he boasted that the microphone that college professors use during lectures was an “evil European invention”:

Breitbart Anti-Muslim 7

Bren Niel accurately reflected the composure of the average Breitbart commenter by raving about how “blood is squarely on the liberals [sic] hands” for the attack, and how he is “ready to go to war.” “I’ll shoot a hundred thousand Muslims, and twice as many liberals,” he vowed:

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Breitbart Anti-Muslim 10

Jonesy stated that diversity “weakens homogeneous White nations,” while Benny James gave an…er…interesting rationale as to why bringing in only white immigrants would actually give us greater diversity:

Breitbart Anti-Muslim 11

Jonesy also worries about how many non-white kids there are in the world:

Breitbart Anti-Muslim 12

Randy Yonkers wrote that Muslims are “only destroyers” and claimed he’s “never met a Muslim that has had the slightest genuine interest in assimilation.” I’m guessing the number of Muslims Randy’s met is roughly zero:

Breitbart Anti-Muslim 13

33degTemplar, for whatever reason, demanded former President Obama be “executed” since he’s “the anti-Christ” and a “half-black, Muslim loving, and America hating” “community organizer.” Oh and Hillary Clinton is the “Black Madonna” — and I can’t wait to hear her version of “Like a Prayer.” Oh and the Secret Service should probably check this out:

Breitbart Anti-Muslim 15

And Pattee Cross accused the “UK Islamophilic CensorNazis” of “deleting IMPORTANT, FACTUAL COMMENTARY ON THE RELIGION OF PIECES AND LITTLE GIRL RAPE” — a statement I can’t really make sound any dumber than it already is. Oh, and if they’re such “CensorNazis,” what’s with the guy who wants to murder Barack Obama? Thoughts?

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