Mike Peinovich Suggests Staging A Book Burning And Charging The Media For The Photos

In the last episode of The Daily Shoah, Mike Peinovich discussed the very Klan-like rally he and other alt-righters held at Emancipation Park to protest the removal of Confederate monuments.

Jazzhands McFeels — back after a prolonged absence and ready to reboot Fash the Nation — pointed out that media outlets were almost entirely absent from the Charlottesville protest, and several were “trying to get the rights for the photos” of the event.

“Yeah, ’cause we had a bunch of pictures that our people took. And so they had to ask our people for the rights to pictures of the event, so that they could call us the KKK,” Peinovich complained. One of the program guests, Eli Mosley, claimed he had “troll[ed] the shit out of” journalists, but forwarded pictures to “the people that matter.”

In response, Peinovich suggested selling the rights to photos of alt-right gatherings as a way to make money. “We should do this again in the future, do another event with a spectacular display, and only our people will have pictures,” he said. “We should do like a cross burning just to make them pay, just for the pictures.”

Mosley had a different idea, however. He suggested a “large scale” book burning instead, which Peinovich supported. In fact, he claimed to have recently burned a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird with an acquaintance at an “undisclosed location”:

We were on our way home, we were like, “Eh we’ll do a fire when we get home, maybe have a few beers around the fire,” we’re like “Eh, let’s go to the — let’s stop in and pick up a book we can burn.” So we grabbed To Kill a Mockingbird and we did a little To Kill a Mockingbird book burning last night. Videos — I’ll get the video — a friend got the video, it should be on his phone. We’ll upload it. It’s been on Facebook but it hasn’t really been widely spread around.

He added that they are “gonna do a book burning event this summer,” and that they will try to gather a crowd of people who will hold torches and give short speeches as they burn the book of their choosing. “It’ll be a fantastic spectacle, and it’ll generate a ton of media and they’ll have to pay us for the rights to any audio and video, or visuals from it.”