Flashback: Andrew Auernheimer Idolizes Dylann Roof And Wants To Murder Black Children

In a January 12, 2017 broadcast of his Radical Agenda show, alt-right activist Christopher Cantwell interviewed Neo-Nazi hacker Andrew “weev” Auernheimer about the kidnapping and torture of a white Chicago teen.

Cantwell, who has moved away from libertarianism to the fringes of the far-right and now displays a “White Lives Matter” decal next to a statue of Kek, said that it must have been a “pretty exciting time for The Daily Stormer.” Auernheimer is the administrator for The Daily Stormer and has written articles for it.

Auernheimer boasted of the “huge traffic” the Stormer received after it published a piece on the incident — “650,000 uniques on that article” he pointed out. “It’s a huge, huge thing,” said Auernheimer, before calling the crime a “great propaganda victory for us” because it “unmasked the desires of the Negro.”

He suggested that the future of the U.S. will be akin to what white supremacists believe is happening in South Africa — the persecution and murder of white people by black South Africans.

Of South Africa Cantwell remarked that the fall of apartheid “didn’t turn out so well” for blacks, and Auernheimer said that, here in the U.S., “we really didn’t have a Negro problem” in the 1920s and 1930s. Instead, “after the Civil Rights movement of the ’60s, blacks got really uppity and violent” and “it hasn’t done them any favors to become the tools of the Jew.”

Auernheimer also had some guarded praise for Islam — at least insofar as its most radicalized adherents are willing to commit violent acts. He said the reason for Islam being the “fastest growing religion” because radical jihadists are “making people afraid of lethal force.” The lesson being that anyone who isn’t willing to use violence for political ends is not committed to their cause.

“If you condemn people like Dylann Roof, you’re basically saying that despite violence working, despite the most effective rhetoric in this entire community being produced by people who are as far extreme as possible and totally unapologetic to it, right? Unless you acknowledge that, then you’re playing a game, right? You’re just LARPing.”

Auernheimer referred to Dylann Roof and others like him as “heroes” for slaughtering innocent black people because he’s been “under assault by minorities” his entire life.

And Cantwell said that while he didn’t think Dylann Roof “made the fuckin’ best use of his life by fuckin’ throwin’ it away on these fuckin’ animals in the goddamn church,” he understood why he murdered black parishioners in cold blood. In fact, after reading Roof’s online manifesto, he felt that the “most offensive part” of it was its spelling and grammatical errors.

Echoing the reasoning of Roof’s manifesto, Auernheimer decried the “retreat strategy” of whites who continue to cede land and form their own small communities — all of which are “ruled over by the Feds.” He complained that whites are “already a minority per capita” and the “world’s smallest minority at this point.”

“We used to be 25% of the world’s population. Now we’re only 8%, and only two [percent] of that is fertile white women, right? So we’re talking a vast population implosion, and all we can do — right — all we can do is even the numbers, right? Even if we consigned ourselves, today, if we accepted that we had to outbreed these people, we wouldn’t be able to do it, right? It’s not physically possible. There are not enough white women of child-bearing age to make up the population gap.”

And how does Auernheimer suggest white people “even the numbers”? Through mass murder, of course. “The reality that we have to accept,” he said, “is that we have to kill them all: The lisping babe tucked away in its crib; the hobbled old elder with the silver hair; the young virgin unspoiled by the tides of time. They all must die!”

I’ll give weev this much credit: Unlike most of his white nationalist brethren, at least the guy’s honest about longing for genocide.