White Supremacists Attempt to Troll Liberals by Making #WhitePeople Trend on Twitter

Twitter Trolls

Yesterday people noticed that the hashtag #WhitePeople had begun trending on Twitter — and were quite confused as to why. Most of the exasperated responses were along the lines of “This is the worst hashtag on Twitter” or “Why the hell is this trending?” The reason, of course, was that a group of very dedicated white supremacist trolls made it so.

Led by the pseudonymous MicroChip, alt-righters banded together and did what they did best: forced a hashtag to trend in order to rile up the normies, and maybe even pit them against one another.

You might not be familiar with MicroChip, but you’ve no doubt seen his work in one form or another if you’re active on Twitter. BuzzFeed News ran a piece on the Utah-based troll in April that is well worth the read, and shows exactly what lengths MicroChip goes through in order to spread his message. Lo and behold MicroChip had this as his pinned tweet last night:

Racist Tweet

Many of the people predictably used the hashtag to promote white supremacy:

Racist Tweet 1

Racist Tweet 2

Racist Tweet 3

Racist Tweet 4

@TEN_GOP, the “Unofficial Twitter of Tennessee Republicans,” weighed in by celebrating whiteness:

Racist Tweet 6

Racist Tweet 51

Paul Kersey thinks black people spend a lot of time tweeting about how much they hate white people. I don’t know, I think they might just hate white nationalist dipshits like Paul:

Racist Tweet 7

Racist Tweet 9

This is a good example of why no one with a Pepe avatar is worth listening to:

Racist Tweet 14

Racist Tweet 20

Racist Tweet 52

Some of them were desperately trying to convince liberals and, presumably, the media that the rainbow pride flag was now a white supremacist symbol. It isn’t.

Racist Tweet 22

Racist Tweet 23

Racist Tweet 24

Racist Tweet 26

Racist Tweet 27

And yes, that is the Wendy’s mascot, why do you ask?

Racist Tweet 25

MicroChip himself claimed that forcing the hashtag to trend would sow division and, in turn, will cause the Left to slip up and make mistakes. “You need to understand this, chaos is king,” he wrote:

Racist Tweet 28

And then he tweeted this:

Racist Tweet 36

It seems there was some clumsy strategy to create troll accounts and tweet out messages that are anti-white or perceived to be anti-white in order to frame people of color and liberals. But it’s not as if they were patently transparent, right?

Racist Tweet 37

Racist Tweet 38

Racist Tweet 50

Racist Tweet 39

Racist Tweet 48

Racist Tweet 41

Racist Tweet 49

Racist Tweet 42

Racist Tweet 45

Racist Tweet 40

Oh, I guess they were about as convincing as channers pretending to be feminists. Never mind.