Headlines — 5/14/17

A torch-wielding mob of white nationalists descend on Charlottesville, VA, Jeff Sessions reverses Obama-era drug sentencing reform, Neo-Nazis embrace pacifism to boost their image, and more.

Washington Post – White nationalist Richard Spencer leads torch-bearing protesters defending Lee statue.
Vice – A radical anti-immigration group infiltrated the GOP, and now it’s in the White House.
The Daily Beast – Teens bring 4chan politics to Boston.
Inquisitr – On South Africa’s white genocide myth and how right-wing Afrikaners are dividing the nation.
The Daily Dot – Attorney General Jeff Sessions orders tough sentences for drug offenders.
Think Progress – SB4 takes Texas’ war with Austin statewide.
Media Matters – Right-wing media turn to misinformers, hacks, and extremists to defend Trump’s voter suppression commission.
Washington Spectator – Neo-Nazis peaceniks are disappointed in President Trump.