David Dees: Donald Trump’s Bad Spray Tan is a Secret Freemason Sign

David Dees

On a recent episode of Red Ice TV, conspiracy theorizing artist David Dees shared his thoughts on the Trump presidency — including Trump’s connections to the Illuminati, Zionists, and Freemasons. Dees, who once had a career working as an illustrator for the children’s show Sesame Street, creates computer generated collages that push ludicrous, right-wing myths.

On every subject — 9/11, vaccines, climate change, the Holocaust, GMOs, chemtrails, water fluoridation, Obama’s birth certificate — Dees appears to take the “truther” position. And if you’ve browsed InfoWars, Prison Planet, Natural News, or any other conspiracy website you’re probably familiar with his work.

As you might have expected, Dees believes that the government and media are controlled by a shadowy cabal, and President Trump is no different. One of Dees’ newest illustrations depicts Trump standing in front of the White House — complete with sunlight beaming through the clouds and a soaring eagle. Around his neck is a golden chain and Star of David with the caption “THE FED.”

Red Ice TV host Henrik Palmgren complained that, in 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama was “sold” as “the Messiah” by the mainstream media, while Trump was routinely criticized. Of course what Palmgren neglected to mention was the generous airtime given to Trump and his rallies by the mainstream media, and that any criticism of Trump was caused by his repeated gaffes and moral failings.

Dees replied that the media “came up with the idea of a candidate that would be anti-media and anti-war.” “Yeah, look how anti-war [Trump] is,” he said. “Once he got in he’s threatening North Korea with aircraft carriers, he’s gonna put sanctions on Russia.” He went on to say that he “bought” Trump’s rhetoric on getting along with Vladimir Putin before saying he “knew better” than to believe him.

“I must say, I think that something happened along the way,” said Palmgren, adding that Trump was likely “taken into the inner room of the sanctum” and “given the briefing” and was threatened by his puppet masters to do their bidding. And that’s when David Dees went full…um…David Dees.

“Well he’s flashing Freemason signs every three seconds, he’s got the six-six-six goin’,” Dees claimed, doing the “OK” gesture with both hands. “He’s got the triangles.” Palmgren interjected, and joked that the “OK” sign was really a “white supremacy symbol” — as the trolls at 4chan have been trying to convince the media as of late.

Dees pressed on, even offering a bizarre theory behind the President’s odd skin tone:

These are symbols the Illuminati and the Zionists, the Freemasons all use to signal that “Everything I’m saying is a lie, and whatever I’m saying at this moment” — remember when he had an orange face? Do you know that in numerology that orange is the only color that is 33. 33 happens to be a sacred number in Freemasonry. So he went around with his orange face, and people thought he just had some weird tanning lotion or somethin’ on. And it was just a signal to all the other Freemasons, “Hey man, no matter what I say here and all the promises I make, you can be sure that I’m a Freemason first and I’m here to do whatever you want me to do.” I mean that’s what we’re lookin’ at. I mean, that’s what I know.

Glad David Dees cleared that up for us.