Headlines — 5/09/17

Trump Nixon
With apologies to Richard Nixon.

FBI Director James Comey has been fired, the Republican creator of the Red Pill subreddit says feminists want to be raped, an explanation of the Cult of Kek, and more.

The Atlantic – The convenient dismissal of James Comey.
NY Mag – Mysterious Comey firing brings back memories of Nixon’s ‘Saturday Night Massacre.’
The Daily Beast – Red Pill boss says all feminists want to be raped.
The Baffler – The new man of 4chan.
Think Progress – Monday’s Russia hearing was a disaster for Trump.
Jezebel – Ex-wife said Bill O’Reilly attacked her after she caught him having phone sex.
Hatewatch – Explaining Kek, the alt-right ‘deity’ behind their ‘meme magic.’
AlterNet – Donald Trump is radicalizing America’s court system before our eyes.
The Nation – Wisconsin’s voter-ID law suppressed 200,000 votes in 2016, and Trump won by 22,748.