Marine Le Pen’s Loss is Making the Alt-Right Cry

Marine Le Pen Loss
Au revoir, Felicia.

Round two of the 2017 French presidential election concluded today, and the results are in: centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron trounced far-right National Front politician Marine Le Pen. And while Le Pen, a notorious Islamophobe and anti-Semite, disturbingly won just over ten million votes — so far, with 96 percent reporting — numerous alt-right and “new right” figures are crying over the “death” of France.

Yes, it seems as though their great white hope failed miserably at stemming the rising tide of color, as it were. And now, with a “globalist cuck” like Macron in charge, France will turn into a multicultural wasteland where everyone is forced at gunpoint to eat halal food. Or something. So in the spirit of France’s triumph over white supremacy (for now), I’ve compiled some Sad Pepes for your enjoyment.

First is Mike Peinovich of The Right Stuff, who predicted a “bloody war with Islam” which could end with Muslims being slaughtered “physically removed”:

Sad Pepe 7

Richard Spencer’s wife referred to Muslims as “[m]oderate beheaders” who are allegedly celebrating Macron’s victory:

Sad Pepe 11

Speaking of the punchable head of the National Policy Institute, he lamented that Le Pen’s “electoral growth is nothing to write home about” and floated the idea of a “global political party for White people”:

Sad Pepe 26

Sad Pepe 27

Racist hack comedian Anthony Cumia warned that female genital mutilation (FGM) and mandatory Quran reading isn’t far behind:

Sad Pepe 28

Sad Pepe 29

“New right” pundit Lauren Southern seemed a tad upset, congratulating liberals on their “soulless banker” Macron and their “dying culture”:

Sad Pepe 12

Paul Joseph Watson, the conspiracy theorizing dope from Prison Planet, declared that the French “care more about being called racist than they do living under the day to day threat of Islamic terrorism.” I wonder what he thinks about people who care more about the illusion of security than they do freedom of religion and freedom of speech:

Sad Pepe 15

Paul Ramsey and Jack Posobiec added some misogyny to the mix:

Sad Pepe 19

Sad Pepe 20

And, of course, some more fearmongering about Islam and copious use of the word “cuck.” What’s that quote about sacrificing liberty for security again?

Sad Pepe 1

Sad Pepe 4

Sad Pepe 5

Sad Pepe 3

Sad Pepe 6

Sad Pepe 8

Sad Pepe 9

Sad Pepe 16

Sad Pepe 17

Sad Pepe 22

Jake says the election means French culture will be “flushed down a Third World sewer”:

Sad Pepe 23

And WHITEDEVIL envisions Islamist concentration camps — wait, a white nationalist who believes in the Holocaust? I am so confused.

Sad Pepe 24

Well, Macron may be a politically inexperienced banker, but at least France dodged the bullet that struck Britain and the U.S. Vive la France!