Daily Caller Editor Scott Greer Instructs College Students to Seek ‘Safe Spaces’ for White Men

Greer Pettibone
Someday white men will overcome.

On the April 25, 2017 episode of her Virtue of the West show, Brittany Pettibone interviewed Daily Caller editor and white grievance peddler Scott Greer. Greer was there to plug his new book, the embarrassingly titled No Campus for White Men, which he uses to lambaste the usual college Republican bogeymen: microaggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces, rape culture, etc.

Pettibone asked Greer whether there had ever been a situation in which he faced discrimination “simply for being a white man.” A legitimate question, given that Greer’s raison d’etre is convincing young white men that they are under siege by censorious liberals, black student groups, and feminists. “Only on Twitter,” he replied, “and only in response to my tweets.”

He explained that, following the election of Donald Trump last year — whom Greer supported — “several people, particularly people who claimed status in a protected class,” namely LGBTQ people and people of color, wrote on social media that they no longer felt safe. “Well, as a way of mocking that attitude, I just tweeted out, ‘As a white man, I finally feel safe in America,'” he boasted.

Greer Tweet
Scott Greer: Distilled white privilege in a suit.

He claimed that in response, he received numerous angry messages on Twitter and was on the receiving end of “lots of racism” from black Twitter. The deeply wounding remarks Greer received included “cracker” and “mayo-lookin’ head-ass.” And at work he even received an envelope that he worried might contain anthrax. Actually it was just glitter.

So, to summarize, when asked for examples of bias or discrimination based on being a white male, Greer offered up abusive comments that were directed at him in response to a racially insensitive remark. And, to be honest, he probably deserved most of it. After all, minority groups have plenty to fear in Trump’s America.

To wit: Muslim Americans have been detained at airports as part of Trump’s haphazard ban; the President is slowly tipping the Supreme Court toward reversing reproductive rights, voting rights, and marriage rights for gays and lesbians; Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded guidelines protecting transgender students and already has an abysmal track record on handling police violence. And Scott Greer is upset at being compared to mayonnaise.

“So what’s your advice for white men in general, particularly on liberal college campuses for standing up to the biased [sic] against them?” Pettibone asked. He replied that students attending colleges that are “notorious for not respecting free speech” should merely transfer. He complained that even his alma mater would not invite him to speak, because the college Republicans are “wusses.”

Yes, it seems that Greer is just too “edgy” for them. I’m sure it has nothing to do with him palling around with the likes of Marcus Epstein and Devin Saucier — former members of the white supremacist student group Youth for Western Civilization. In 2009, Epstein pleaded guilty to assault stemming from an incident two years prior in which he attacked a black woman and called her a “nigger.” And you may remember Saucier as the man who attended a pro-Trump protest with a sign that read, “Better to Grab a Pussy Than to Be One.”

And both Greer and Saucier have been photographed attending a meeting of the Wolves of Vinland, a Virginia-based white power gang that was designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A Daily Beast profile of the neo-pagan group from 2015 describes members gathering in the woods “for heathen ceremonies where they drink mead, spread mud and blood on themselves, dance around fires, and hold rituals in caves. They also sacrifice animals, sometimes posting pictures of the remains on Instagram and Facebook (as one member did here).”

So as you can imagine, Greer takes his white, male-only spaces very seriously. Which leads to his recommending that college students find safe haven in Greek life — which he considers a bulwark against the forces of diversity and inclusion. As he put it, “the institution on a college campus that has the most potential to resist campus insanity” is Greek life. “This is where if you’re a guy who likes to work out and drink beer and not have to worry about expressing toxic masculinity, you can go join there,” he advised.

He praised fraternities as clubs where “traditional gender roles are celebrated and enshrined, and not questioned and brought down,” and where “you don’t have to worry about your group fulfilling a racial quota or having enough diversity.”

“I would say if you’re a white man, I would join a fraternity, ’cause there is the potential for you to find like-minded people that you — if you’re sick of political correctness, if you’re sick of being told you need to check your white privilege — you can find like-minded people who are gonna agree with you, and potentially fight back against that nonsense [that you have to endure] on a college campus. And not only that you fight back against that nonsense, you find your own quote-unquote safe space for traditional Western values.”