Meet Goy Orbison, the Alt-Right Twitter Troll Seeking to Convert ‘Normies’ to White Nationalism

Goy Orbison

On April 29, 2017, the blog Aryan Skynet published an interview with a white nationalist Twitter personality who goes by the name “Goy Orbison.” Get it? Because it’s a combination of “goy” and rock musician Roy Orbison. Good. Just didn’t want that clever reference to go over anyone’s head. And, to be honest, I debated whether or not I should even do a write-up on this cretin — Nazi trolls are a dime a dozen on Twitter, after all.

But he has ties to The Right Stuff and co-founded a white supremacist meet-up group called the Houston Goylers — which is an even more obscure reference than Roy Orbison. He and the rest of the Goylers, who met through the TRS forum, participate in “quarterly meetings, weekly hikes all over town and regular trips to the range, along with occasions of political activism through fliering campaigns, counter-protests and general outreach and networking among like-minded individuals.”

On Twitter, Orbison uses his second account (the first was suspended) to whine about Jews, race-mixing, immigrants, Jews, political correctness, and Jews. For example, here he is complaining about anti-racism because it’s a “codeword for anti-white”:

Orb 4

And in this Tweet he railed against “Hebrews who want to wipe White people off the planet”:

Orb 7

Race-mixing makes him upset too:

Orb 10

As do childfree white people and “pavement ape[s]” who “pop out a few kids”:

Orb 12

But he enjoys George Lincoln Rockwell, reciting David Lane’s fourteen words, and posting pictures of little, white kids:

Orb 11

Orb 15

The interviewer, “Rainer Chlodwig von K.,” noted that many of Orbison’s followers are “normies” — regular folks who aren’t white nationalists. He asked Orbison to describe his “strategy” of communicating with people who are not “literate on the Jewish Question.”

He replied that there is a “tendency among a lot of WNs [white nationalists] and pro-Whites to write off normie conservatives because they’re not far enough along in our direction.”

However, Orbison defended these “pro-family, pro-gun, pro-tradition, God-fearing, anti-degenerate folk” as people with “naturally good instincts” who “never made the time to investigate the hows and whys of the problems that plague our people.”

And he holds out hope that some of them can be swayed to the side of white nationalism, with social media being the preferred vehicle for their racist ideas:

Fortunately the internet has given us a platform to push these people further in our direction and the brazen anti-white politics of the Judeo-left give us golden opportunities on a daily basis to wake people up to the reality of the situation. Of course this doesn’t apply to all of them, but I’m only concerned with the ones I can make headway with, not the hopeless causes that will just waste everyone’s time. There’s a lot of dead weight out there so you only want to set your sights on the ones who will either convert and actively contribute or at the very least will be sympathetic to what you’re doing.

He claimed that they are “largely aware of the problems our country is facing” including “mass immigration, lawlessness, cultural decay, anti-family/anti-Christian (and by proxy, anti-White) politics, the lying press, etc.” And he asserted that “we all know that there is one group that is largely overrepresented when it comes to pushing all of these agendas,” but that it is “still taboo” to name them.

In order to wake them up to the “Jewish Question,” Orbison said one tactic he uses is to “break it down in terms they understand, particularly attacking political correctness” — the roots of which, he insisted, are Jewish. Another tactic is to “indirectly name the Jew”:

I’ve found that seeing the “J” word in text can scare off normie-cons by eliciting the conditioned response of shutting down when they see it, but for some reason if there’s something in the picture that says it or alludes to it, I can get grandmas, people with puppy photo avatars and middle-aged Boomers with “Deplorable ____” as their handle to retweet messages about Jewish Bolshevism, the Frankfurt School, the kosher push for rapefugees, etc. with minimal resistance. Having a sense of humor in your allusions also goes a long way too. I’ll say things like “these people all seem to celebrate the same holidays”, make references to dreidels, yarmulkes, and other Hebrew paraphernalia, and other comical ways of basically saying the same thing.

And while Orbison voted for Trump in 2016, the first election he ever participated in, he acknowledges he and the rest of the Trump supporters were “the dupes of a bait-and-switch.” Nevertheless, he lauded the President for “open[ing] up a lot of his more normie-con supporters to rhetoric from our side.”

Other choice portions of the interview include Orbison’s views on various minority groups.

Blacks, he claimed, “stole basketball” from whites, and “would be sitting in a mud hut with bones through their noses if they didn’t have the modern convenience our people gave them.” LGBTQ people are “queers” and “deviants” in his mind. “No matter how you slice it, whether from a religious perspective, a moral or a scientific one, it’s just unnatural behavior and if someone can’t get that straight, they’ve got something wrong with them.”

As for Jews, Orbison accused them of “using the media to pump out images of white women with black men ad nauseum.” And while “no amount of programming is enough for most white women to move past their primal disgust” toward black men, “coal burning unfortunately does seem more and more common” nowadays.

Asked for his parting thoughts, Orbison replied that “the Internet is a powerful tool” that can be used for “constructive things” but cautioned readers not to let it consume their lives. He encouraged them to find “a group of like-minded people,” since the “potential one white person alone has is already amazing, but when you have a group of them exchanging ideas, coming up with solutions and putting them into action … the potential results are almost unimaginable.”