Flashback: Jared Taylor Warns White Audience Of Disease-Ridden Immigrants and Black Crime At 1994 AmRen Conference

In a long overdue flashback, we’re looking at the year 1994 and the very first American Renaissance conference in Atlanta, GA. After the obligatory introduction by Klan lawyer Sam Dickson (not shown here), New Century Foundation/AmRen founder Jared Taylor took the mic and gave the first speech. And yes, Mr. Taylor looks quite a bit younger — with all of his hair and none of it graying yet — but was just as racist as ever.

His speech, which he called “If We Do Nothing,” was somewhere between Chicken Little and The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy. Mr. Taylor issued a dire warning that there are “two relentless processes” that will alter the nature of white America: the immigration of non-whites and “differential birthrates.” He worried — and continues to worry — that African-Americans “are out reproducing white people at such a rate that even if there were no immigration at all, blacks would outnumber whites in about 150, 160 years.”

And what will America look like if whites are outnumbered by non-whites? Mr. Taylor admonished his audience to simply “look around” at Los Angeles, CA and Camden, NJ and Miami, FL. “All of these places, bit by bit in the United States, are places where the white population has increasingly been displaced by non-whites — blacks, Hispanics,” he said, foreshadowing white America’s current obsession with Islamic “no-go zones.”

These areas, Mr. Taylor predicted, would ultimately be “lost to Western civilization.” (No, this comment did not age well.) He stated that “blacks commit violent crime at about 10 times the rate of whites” and that if a neighborhood becomes even half black, “the crime rate rises, essentially, by five or six fold.” And in case you were wondering, yes, this goes for Hispanics as well, whom Mr. Taylor noted are “not as violent as blacks” but “considerably more violent than whites.”

There are two relentless processes going on that will have profound effects on this country. One, of course, is immigration — the fact that we import one million people a year approximately, 90% of whom are not white. The other is this phenomenon known as differential birthrates. The fact that just — if you take just black people for example, they are outreproducing white people at such a rate that even if there were no immigration at all, blacks would outnumber whites in about 150, 160 years.

So, the demographers tell us that if nothing is done in the next several decades, by the year, maybe, 2030, 2040 — nobody’s entirely sure exactly when this fateful day will come — whites will be reduced to a minority in the United States. And of course, we are to look upon this as a wonderful thing. A great blossoming of diversity and cultural enrichment. Well, I think that many white people in their hearts know that this would not be a wonderful thing, this would be a terrible thing.

And, all we need to know — all we need to do to know what kind of America we will eventually be living in if we do nothing, is to take a look around. Just take a look in South-Central Los Angeles. Take a look in Camden, New Jersey. Take a look in Miami. All of these places, bit by bit in the United States, are places where the white population has increasingly been displaced by non-whites — blacks, Hispanics.

And — although it’s not something that one says with any joy, but something that one is compelled to say — as the population changes, as a neighborhood, a city, a county, a nation becomes increasingly non-white, it becomes a place where white people do not feel they can decently live. This means that in our country, there are already hundreds of square miles, thousands of square miles in which the white population no longer lives — no longer dares set foot — in which all of you are essentially unwelcome. These are all areas that for all practical purposes have been lost to Western civilization.

And in fact, it’s really all that’s required to know what the future of America, for essentially all of America, will be like is to read your local newspaper. Our newspapers are increasingly full of stories about crime, about poverty, about declining educational standards, about strange, exotic diseases from the tropics that we thought we’d wiped out. These stories are ostensibly about the United States of America, but by and large these are stories that are in fact about race.

Let me just give you one aspect of what life is likely to be like as our population changes, if we in fact permit it to change. And that’s just a simple matter of crime rates. In the United States today, blacks commit violent crime at about 10 times the rate of whites. 10 to 12 times the rate. What this means — and though everyone senses this, no one is prepared to say it — what this means is that if a neighborhood changes from all white to, say, half black, ineluctably the crime rate rises, essentially, by five or six fold. By changing the population that fast you get a 500 or 600 percent increase in violent crime.

The same is true, by and large, with Hispanics. Hispanics commit violent crimes at a rate of perhaps five to six times the rate of whites. They’re not as violent as blacks but they’re considerably more violent than whites. By the same token, as the population changes, it increases in criminal violence.

He continued on the theme of black and brown crime rates, asserting that over “half of the violent crime committed by blacks is committed against whites,” and that this violence is probably not a matter of opportunity. How much of it, he asked, is motivated by “genuine racial animus and hatred”? He admitted that he didn’t know, but if he had to take a guess, he’d say at least “part of it” is. Go figure.

And then there’s the way the U.S. tracks crime data, which Mr. Taylor believes is — wait for it — anti-white. You see, when it comes to “Hispanic crime against whites” there is “no proper way to find out.” That’s because the U.S. government allegedly counted Hispanics only as a victim category and never a perpetrator category.

To help illustrate his point, he said that if a Hispanic person “attacked a black and says ‘You nigger!'” it would be treated as a white-on-black hate crime. However, if a white person “were to attack a Hispanic and say ‘You damn spic!'” it would be treated as a white-on-Hispanic hate crime. And yes, part of the reason I selected this portion of his speech was to show how comfortable Jared Taylor was with saying “nigger” and “spic” in front of a bunch of suit-and-tie Nazis.

I’m sure that’ll never come back to haunt him.

More than half of the violent crime committed by blacks is committed against whites. There is in fact more black-on-white violent crime than there is black-on-black crime. This is not something, of course, that is of any interest to the newspapers which are concerned with black-on-black crime. And, this ratio of more than 50 percent of the violent crime committed against whites, it’s important to contrast that with the fact that when whites commit violent crimes, they target blacks only two percent of the time.

Now, if blacks are in fact targeting whites more than half the time, how much of that has to do not simply with targets of opportunity, but the expression of genuine racial animus and hatred? I don’t know how much. But I’m sure that part of it has to do with the contempt and hatred that they feel for us.

Now, what about Hispanic crime against whites? Interestingly enough, there’s no proper way to find out. Our country keeps crime statistics for Hispanics merely as a victim category. They are not a perpetrator category. And for that reason, if a Hispanic, if a Mexican-American attacked a black and says “You nigger!” and this becomes categorized as a hate crime, it’s a hate crime committed by a white against a black.

On the contrary, if a white person of course were to attack a Hispanic and say “You damn spic!” and this becomes a hate crime, that is a hate crime committed by a white against a Hispanic. Because Hispanics are strictly a victim category, never a perpetrator category.

I think, as an aside, it’s always interested me that the four police officers who beat Rodney King were consistently described as all white. Well one was Hispanic. Of course if Rodney King had been Hispanic, we would have all known that he was Hispanic. Therefore, Hispanics are a victim category, not a perpetrator category.

And finally Mr. Taylor launched into his rant about how other groups have their interests and get to put those interests first, but white people don’t get to and that’s really unfair — you know, that old chestnut about White History Month and a Congressional White Caucus and all that white noise. And the obvious rebuttal is that white people already have their interests looked out for, and that any form of change in the direction of equality will feel like oppression to the people at the top of the ladder.

But what makes this part even remotely interesting is what Jared Taylor considers to be “legitimate” white interests. “Well obviously and clearly, the most obvious [interest] is not to be swamped” by minorities, he said. “It is our right. It is our duty not to let our country become full of people who are utterly unlike ourselves.” Yeah, that’s the singular goal.

A homogeneous, white nation that isn’t plagued by black crime and poverty and “exotic diseases” we thought were eradicated — at least, that’s what they believe multicultural America is in it’s current state. So to fight for their “legitimate interests” what would they do? Expel non-whites en masse? Seal the borders? Raze houses of worship used by Muslims and Sikhs and other religious minorities? Just as a reminder, a Nazi by any other name is still a Nazi.

Well, when you think about this — if you think about any other group or organization in the world, obviously unless it’s members promote their interests first, then that group disappears and it’s destroyed. If the Democratic Party does not think enough of its principles to put them before those of another group, what will happen? It would disappear.

If the nation of Japan does not have sense enough to put Japanese interests before those of other countries, if the Japanese people don’t have a sense of being a people — have a sense of legitimate interest — Japan will disappear.

Well, we of course are the same way. Unless we are willing to articulate and defend our legitimate interests and, frankly, to be prepared to put our interests before those of others in as moral and as humane a way as possible, we too will disappear. And what are these legitimate interests of ours? Well obviously and clearly, the most obvious is not to be swamped. It is our right. It is our duty not to let our country become full of people who are utterly unlike ourselves.

Clearly the United States has no duty whatsoever to look after every incompetent Third World tribe that drifts in the United States. And, I’d like to make something else clear. It is our duty and it’s our right to oppose dispossession by any group unlike ourselves.

Let us imagine that this million immigrants coming into our country every year was composed of people smarter than ourselves, harder working, more moral, better looking, superior in every way. It is still our obligation to prevent them, because we have the right to be us. And only we can be us.

We have the right to participate in the unfolding of our own culture according to its own particular genius. And no other people has the right to prevent that. We should have the right to do this without the fatal embrace of those who wish to come live amongst us, and thereby transform what our ancestors have built, and what is our right to carry forward.