TRS Forum Members are Furious That Men Can’t Secretly Remove Condoms During Sex

Evil Vagina

In an April 24, 2017 post to The Right Stuff’s forum, someone going by the name Alamo Cannonball complained that he had “fucking had it” with “leftist bitch wordgames.” Why? Well, according to an article in the conservative New York Post, men are practicing something called “stealthing” in which they surreptitiously remove their condoms as they have sex because they “believe it’s a man’s right to ‘spread one’s seed.'”

Alexandra Brodsky, who authored a report on this practice for the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, called this non-consensual practice a form of sexual assault. And with good reason, since the perpetrator’s partner had obviously not agreed to sex without a condom, and the consequences of it could range from STIs to pregnancies to the psychological damage associated with other forms of sexual assault.

Or, as Alamo described it: “I have a right to perform an act, the explicit biological purpose of which is to procreate, and demand that I be 100% insulated from all natural consequences that follow from that decision. If you deny me that you’re committing violence.” It seems that consent is just too much to ask if it concerns an “act” where the “explicit biological purpose” is procreation.

Worse yet, some of Alamo’s fellow TRS forum members seemed to side with him. One, reactionaryhippie, asked, “Why isn’t more said about how selfish women are for making men wear condoms? ‘Hey, I’ll have sex with you, but only if you wear a device that makes it so you, and you alone, can’t feel anything.’ Fuck that.”

Cave Johnson sarcastically replied that “Suffering consequences for your actions is rape,” that babies are regarded as “parasites,” and that the home is a “prison.” Scouticus said that stealthing was probably “cooked up by fucking kike feminists to have one more thing to bitch about in gender studies class.”

Fashy_Med claimed that the article was just another way to demonize white people for wanting to have children — consensually or not, I suppose:

Y-yeh goy don’t you dare have babies you bigots that’s what Hitler wanted oy vey! Fearmongering raw dogging is only targeted at white people. To (((hell))) with the jews and womyns feelz just rape them. Since it’s basically rape for a man do his natural duty let alone get any pleasure from it. Even if you follow their noahide slave laws of “marriage” if they don’t want to do the business then they tell womyn their husband is raping them. Clown world strikes deep and often.

Dragases agreed, calling it “stunning” that “jewish [sic] women have pathologized every possible action of a straight man,” and that “from manspreading to stealthing” they “can’t air out [their] junk without being labelled.” How awful.

It should be noted, however, that no everyone was in agreement with Alamo Cannonball. Autism Cop cautioned his fellow forum members not to have sex if they didn’t want children yet, while dontpozmebro warned the “raw dog rambos” that they would be “pissing [their] britches” if they “knock[ed] up some THOT larping as a white space marine and she turns around and shackles your jimmies for the next 18 years.” “THOT” is a misogynist slur like “slut” or “whore” and originated as an acronym for “that ho over there.”

Though perhaps the best condemnation of stealthing probably came from Meddling_Goy, who called Alamo “dead wrong in a way that goes to the core of what it means to be an ethnic European.” He wrote that:

Secretly pulling one over on someone because they’re not jaded or paranoid enough to be staring at you 100% of the time, constantly vigilant, is not honorable, it is not decent, it is not commendable. It is the quintessence of a low-trust society. It is Semitic to the core.

If you want to have procreative sex, do it. If you want to participate in hookup culture, that is degenerate, but the time to negotiate that sort of thing is not in the middle of the sex act.

Implicitly standing up for this snakey behavior by criticizing its critics is disgusting and Jewy. We should be better than this.

In other words, it sounds like something a Jew would do, which means it’s “disgusting” for white nationalists to engage in that type of behavior. Glad to see their moral compass is still operating properly.