Headlines — 4/28/17

Prank callers flood ICE’s anti-immigrant hotline, Neo-Nazis continue to fawn over Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones loses a highly publicized custody battle, and more.

Fusion – We asked ICE about the prank calls to their anti-immigrant hotline and they kind of lost their shit.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Dr. David Duke is both a white supremacist and a dirty old man.
The Daily Beast – The Republican lawmaker who secretly created Reddit’s women-hating ‘Red Pill.’
Media Matters – Neo-Nazis are kvelling over Tucker Carlson.
Think Progress – LGBT Republicans defend Trump’s first 100 days with delusions.
Salon – A federal judge is letting an Alabama school district return to segregation.
Raw Story – Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loses child custody battle.
AlterNet – White Florida principal at majority black school told staff to put white students in same class.
Rewire – Suspended Alabama Justice aligned with radical anti-choice group to run for U.S. Senate.
The Intercept – Trump targets undocumented families, not felons, in first 100 days.