‘Letting Our Race’ Be ‘Destroyed’ is Worse Than Nuclear War, Alt-Righter Informs Me

Atomic Bomb

I don’t often get messages from trolls, or Nazis, or Nazi trolls. Mainly because I disable comments on my blog and any videos I post to YouTube. The reason being I don’t want to have to clean up their semi-literate word vomit every hour.

But I do get direct messages every now and then on my YouTube channel, once and a while from folks who clearly don’t understand that this is an anti-racist blog. Hey, no one ever said Nazis were good with reading comprehension, right?

Recently, one unfortunate soul going by the name of Quick Fix Lunatic — who took the name Angry White Men a bit too literally — told me just how mad he is:

I like your channel but I can assure you, I am MUCH MORE ANGRY then [sic] you about current world events. In fact, I am relentlessly furious. How can our people just accept death, destruction and rape? How can they let this happen and not fight, perhaps die, for our beautiful, race, culture and people? How can they let it just die? How can this be possible. Its [sic] so sickening and its [sic] so depressing and its [sic] just a nightmare.

Yikes. It appears as though Mr. Lunatic here is a believer in the ridiculous “white genocide” fantasy embraced by so many white nationalists. And it seems to have driven him to the depths of despair.

And they say to me : ‘ War, oh that’s too much’ How can anyone say that? WERE [sic] ALREADY AT WAR.There is [sic] our people ALREADY being raped, in mass [sic] and ALREADY our people being slaughtered in mass [sic]/(South Africa, for one…)

Yes, he sincerely believes that there is a “war” against whites, who are being raped and “slaughtered” “in mass,” especially in South Africa — despite there being no evidence of an increase in violence against whites. And then he called this “war” as deadly as the indiscriminate use of nuclear weapons, and called for whites to fight back:

I know the propaganda is strong but still, how can this possibly be happening? WHY has civil war not happend [sic], over much of Europe?? Make it happen, someone, some thing, some entity! Being neutral and letting our race, country, culture, people being [sic] destroyed, while doing nothing is MUCH WORSE THEN [sic] A NUKE! MUCH WORSE THEN [sic] 40 NUKES!

Indeed, this “war” on whites is worse than the use of just one nuclear weapon, he said hyperbolically. It is actually “much worse” than forty nukes. Yes, 40 nukes. Which, I might remind you, is as many as four tens. And that’s terrible.

And while that’s all very silly, what he says next isn’t nearly as humorous:

This multi-CULTi-Madness is going to cause such death and destruction and its [sic] already happening. I don’t live in Europe but I want to and I want to be part of the movement to end this all. To end the destruction of our beautiful race and cultures and countries.

This has to end. THERE MUST BE WAR.

A quick burst of thousands, hundreds of thousands OR EVEN MILLIONS is better then [sic] 40 years of destruction, through multi-CULTi madness.

That is the ultimate slaughter, through more and more anti-wHITE PROPAGANDA and more and more multi-CULT slaves and braindead zombies and commies and marxists [sic]. I am so unhappy and so terrified for people living in the madness of Paris and Germany and Sweden.

I want to help them but I am just a poor, crippled person.

I feel helpless and sad. I can’t even pretend its not happening an delude myself, as that is not in my nature.

I can’t cope with this. Its killing me everyday

I don’t really know what to say at this point to someone relentlessly torturing himself over what he seems to genuinely believe is an assault on white people worldwide. This is the end result of the relentless fearmongering by people such as Tim Murdock of White Rabbit Radio and Mike Peinovich of The Right Stuff and Virginia Hale of Breitbart and Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer.

Impressionable, easily persuaded people — many of whom already have serious problems in their lives as evidenced by Lunatic calling himself a “poor, crippled person” — have resorted to violent acts because of the poisonous ideology of white nationalism. Some are at risk of harming themselves or loved ones. Not that any of that matters to the people who push these deranged white genocide conspiracies. After all, they won’t be the ones who suffer the consequences.