Headlines — 4/23/17

Marine Le Pen Poster

Marine Le Pen advances in French election, the Southern Poverty Law Center sues Andrew Anglin over anti-Semitic harassment campaign, Fox employees allege racial discrimination, and more.

The Washington Post – Marine Le Pen, the anti-immigration crusader who has a shot at France’s presidency.
Jacobin – The National Front hasn’t changed, it just learned how to articulate its racism.
History News Network – The alarming worldwide alliance of parties on the far right.
Media Matters – What is gone and what is not after the firing of Bill O’Reilly.
Think Progress – Black employees allege discrimination by Fox, say bosses made them arm wrestle white colleagues.
The Atlantic – Texas keeps failing to convince federal courts its voting laws aren’t racist.
Talking Points Memo – Sessions insists Trump will get border wall funded ‘one way or another.’
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Alt-right is targeting colleges, but is Georgia ready?
The Verge – White supremacist website hit with lawsuit over harassment campaign.
Mother Jones – I went behind the front lines with the far-right agitators who invaded Berkeley.