Headlines — 4/13/17

Peinovich Protest.jpg

White supremacists sour on Trump, the racist history of cracking down on non-white immigrants, the campaign to make Amazon sever ties with Breitbart intensifies, and more.

Vocativ – White supremacists are turning on Donald Trump.
Slate – Trump, Sessions ICE crackdown on ‘illegals’ goes back to Strom Thurmond, other racist senators.
Mic – North Carolina legislator Larry Pittman compares Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler.
Media Matters – White nationalists and Neo-Nazis use Sean Spicer’s Hitler comments to validate Holocaust conspiracy theories, attack Jews.
Right Wing Watch – Secessionist Michael Hill warns of ‘coming civil war.’
Counterpunch – Kicking them while they’re down; what Trump is doing to Appalachia.
Queerty – Donald Trump Jr. thinks ‘triggered’ LGBTQ students are insipid crybabies.
Buzzfeed News – Over 550 Amazon employees are pressuring leadership to cut advertising ties with Breitbart.
Jacobin – Jacob Zuma is not the only problem.