Jesse Dunstan Of ‘The Right Stuff’ Believes Sarin Gas Attack In Syria Was Faked

News broke on Tuesday that Syria’s Idlib province — a rebel-controlled area — was struck by a chemical attack, killing at least 72 people and injuring over 550. Doctors affiliated with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), which operates several field hospitals in the area, claimed that the attack caused victims to vomit, foam at the mouth, lose consciousness, and experience muscle spasms.

They also noted that the victims’ symptoms were “indicative of an organo-phosphorus compounds agent – a category of toxic gases which includes sarin.”

According to witnesses, the toxic gas spread after war planes bombed the area — an accusation which would implicate the Syrian Army and dictator Bashar al-Assad, himself no stranger to accusations of war crimes. Russian officials deflected criticism of the Assad regime, pinning the blame on bombs accidentally striking a warehouse stocked with the deadly nerve agent.

Analysts, such as Dr. Beyza Unal of the International Security Department at Chatham House, cast doubt on Russia’s claims, arguing that rebel groups would have neither the money nor the expertise to purify and store sarin gas.

And it’s one thing to suggest, as Vladimir Putin did after a similar chemical attack in 2013, that Syrian rebel groups are staging a false flag to mobilize countries against the Assad regime. Yes, it’s a stupid theory, but some members of Trump’s alt-right fan base, such as white supremacist Jesse Dunstan, have taken this sarin gas trutherism to absurd new depths.

Dunstan, who goes by the pseudonyms Sven and Seventh Son, is a regular on The Right Stuff’s popular podcast The Daily Shoah. He also indicated in a Twitter rant that he believes the attack on the Idlib province was entirely fabricated as part of a neoconservative (i.e., Jewish) plot to push America into another armed conflict.

He began by asserting that there were no gas chambers in Nazi extermination camps, and that no chemical agents were used — at all — in Syria. He also called it a “jewish [sic] false flag to start another jewish [sic] war.” And, in order to force more people to see his message, Dunstan tried to piggyback off of random Twitter trends (e.g., Barry Manilow):

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Dunstan Tweet 2

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Actually, Dunstan believes the footage of the gassed victims was just a “brilliantly produced film”:

Dunstan Tweet 3

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Then he accused the media of lying:

Dunstan Tweet 4

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And cited a story by the far-right Washington Times newspaper alleging that the 2013 sarin gas attack was committed by Syrian rebels. Whether the chemical attack in Ghouta was carried out by the Syrian government, Syrian rebels, or even a terrorist outfit such as al-Nusra may be up for debate due to a lack of direct evidence. However, that doesn’t exonerate Assad in this instance:

Dunstan Tweet 5

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Dunstan compared the gassing of civilians to the bogus hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. His comparison is inaccurate, however, since there was no evidence in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had been using chemical or biological weapons against his own people — at least since its war with Iran — while civilians were actually attacked with chemical weapons in Syria. Unless you think the whole thing was just a propaganda film, I guess:

Dunstan Tweet 6

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He upped the stupidity when he suggested that the chemical attack hoax was perpetrated by — who else? — the Jews:

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And pleaded with his “God Emperor” to refrain from attacking Assad:

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Maybe we’ll get lucky and Trump will break more promises, like his vow to ban Syrian refugees? #MAGA