Theodore Beale Declares Rap Music to be ‘Degraded’ and ‘Primitive’

Nazi Degenerate Music
Beale’s predecessors had similar views on jazz.

In an April 2, 2017 post to his personal blog, Vox Popoli, sci-fi writer and noted white supremacist Theodore Beale (a.k.a. Vox Day) complained that rap music is “degraded,” “primitive,” and may not even be music at all. In his post, “The dead end of rap,” Beale recounted how he was discussing rap with “a young girl” who “intensely dislikes” the genre, calling it “so boring.” Beale claimed that he had grown up a fan of Public Enemy and NWA, but conceded the girl was correct.

“Rap simply hasn’t gone anywhere musically since NWA’s innovation of posing as modern gangsters and dropping f-bombs every fourth word; how can anyone who has ever heard Chuck D bear to listen to Jay-Z ruining yet another lovely song with his inept, droning monologues?” he asked.

He went on to write that “this musical dead end was inevitable,” adding that early critics of rap music were correct in their instincts and that rap “is not, technically speaking, music at all”:

And while that vocal styling can be utilized in a broad variety of music, from metal to ambient, it is not music in itself. What is often known as “rap music” is a degraded, primitive form of music created mostly by non-musicians, which is necessarily going to be either sample-based (Public Enemy), childishly simple (Dr. Dre), or an additional vocal track added to existing music (Puff Daddy, Jay-Z).

That’s right. A “degraded, primitive form of music” made by “non-musicians.” (Speaking of which, who remembers Beale from his days in Psykosonik?) And since this is a Theodore Beale rant, he has to shoehorn his most hated enemy into it: the dreaded Social Justice Warrior. “In other words, ‘rap music’ was never anything more than a proto-SJW seize-and-ruin operation and an exercise in branding,” he claimed, confusingly. “That’s why it hasn’t gone anywhere. It can’t go anywhere because there is no actual vehicle to do so.”

Oddly, Beale’s normally sycophantic audience seemed to question his logic in concluding that rap isn’t a form of music. One wrote that, “I can agree that the ‘mainstream’ end of the current generation of rap is pretty awful…But apart from that, I either disagree or don’t entirely understand the premise.” Another complimented rap for being “very aggressive and active.”

Of course, he had some supporters, some of whom are just as racist as Beale himself. Jamie-R wrote, for instance, that “beautiful black music from the 60s 70s and 80s” was “hijacked” by rap artists and “turned into something about drug dealing profits and organised crime.” “In the end, niggers gonna nig, so the work done in the Churches was inevitably gonna be unwound by the guys who would steal it and make it their own.”

J A Baker stated that ” loud and violent base together with the discordant rythyms and vulgar lyrics” work to “desensitiz[e]” the listener to “explicit ideas and images of drug use, senseless violence and promiscuous sex found universally in all rap songs.”

H/T to We Hunted the Mammoth.