ICYMI — 3/18/17


Brad Griffin calls Kurt Eichenwald’s troll a “POW,” Ann Coulter once again smears Latino immigrants as rapists and child molesters, the National Vanguard celebrates Josef Mengele’s birthday, and more.

  • Brad Griffin calls the troll who gave Kurt Eichenwald a seizure a “POW”: “The Deep State has nothing better to do than charge jew_goldstein with assault by .gif on Twitter.”
  • Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) executive director Mark Krikorian objects to his organization being labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Ann Coulter writes that Latin American “peasant culture” is “brimming with rapists, pederasts, and child abusers.”
  • AugustJRush claims that Democrats support “open borders” to stay in power: “Those in power, both on the Right and on the Left, are complicit in this; those on the Left actively engineered the immivasion, while those on the Right benefited from it via reduced wages while being too afraid of being called a racist to stand up for their own constituency.”
  • The National Vanguard celebrates the life of Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele and whitewashes his crimes.
  • Finally, Larry Klayman blasts the latest rulings blocking Trump’s new Muslim ban: “President Trump needs to immediately send legislation to our spineless Congress to take away jurisdiction of our federal courts to second-guess the national defense or national security decisions of the commander in chief.”