Headlines — 3/16/17

Le Pen - Wilders

Dutch voters reject Geert Wilders, alt-righters believe Obama was behind the court decision blocking Trump’s new Muslim ban, Gavin McInnes lurches toward Neo-Nazism, and more.

The Intercept – Dutch vote in droves — but not for Geert Wilders, Breitbart’s candidate for Prime Minister.
Forward – Nazi-allied group claims top Trump aide Sebastian Gorka as sworn member.
Slate – Trump’s budget plan is cruel and reckless.
Jezebel – Arizona bill would require medical intervention if an aborted fetus shows signs of life.
Rewire – Hate group leader to represent United States at United Nations event.
Salon – Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes slides from right-wing provocateur to the Neo-Nazi fringe.
Media Matters – New ‘alt-right’ theory suggests Obama was secretly behind judicial halt of Trump’s Muslim ban.
AlterNet – Trump’s race-baiting bromance with Andrew Jackson.
Vice – The ex-cop who killed Michael Brown admitted to using the n-word.
The Washington Post – Trump adviser Flynn paid by multiple Russia-related entities, new records show.