Headlines — 3/14/17

Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute loses its tax exempt status, Rep. Steve King stands by his racism, right-wing lawyer Larry Klayman wants to imprison liberals, and more.

Raw Story – Richard Spencer’s white nationalist group loses tax exempt status — as the IRS investigates Trump ties.
NY Mag – What you need to know about the Dutch election.
The Atlantic -Kellyanne Conway’s alternative universe.
Talking Points Memo – Tennessee sues federal government over refugee resettlement.
Hatewatch – Texas mosque arson suspect identified in separate case.
Think Progress – Congressman Steve King stands by racist tweet: ‘I meant exactly what I said.’
Feministing – Sessions shows us (again) that he’s not fit to be Attorney General.
The Huffington Post – Man in suit humping ‘Fearless Girl’ statue is why we need feminism.
Wonkette – Superlawyer Larry Klayman wants to ‘legally, peacefully’ imprison all liberals.