Headlines — 3/08/17

Trump’s new Muslim ban is nearly identical to his old one, another wave of bomb threats hits Jewish community centers, the Associated Press sues Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette website, and more.

The Daily Dot – Trump adviser Roger Stone goes on misogynistic Twitter rant, calls woman ‘ugly bitch.’
The Daily Beast – David Duke’s Twitter account restored, including tweet threatening synagogues.
Think Progress – Sixth wave of bomb threats strikes Jewish community centers and institutions.
The Intercept – Intent of Trump’s new executive order is basically identical to his original Muslim ban.
Hatewatch – White supremacists protest Torres and Norton sentencing, threaten judge.
Salon – Trump’s election has created ‘safe spaces’ for racists.
NY Mag – Sikh man shot in Seattle suburb after being told ‘Go back to your own country.’
Slate – Georgia Republicans pass racial gerrymander to kick black voters out of GOP districts.
BuzzFeed News – AP sues LifeZette, claiming nearly $50,000 in unpaid fees and penalties.

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