Headlines — March4Trump Edition

Steve Bannon is a fan of the racist novel Camp of the Saints, tens of people gather for pro-Trump rallies, disgraced journalist arrested for threatening Jewish institutions, and more.

The Los Angeles Times – Supporters gather for ‘March 4 Trump’ rallies around U.S.
Capital & Main – California’s extremist roots run deep.
The Huffington Post – This stunningly racist French novel is how Steve Bannon explains the world.
New York Daily News – Oklahoma lawmaker to Muslims: ‘Do you beat your wife?’
The New Yorker – What to make of Donald Trump’s early-morning wiretap tweets.
The Atlantic – The FBI arrests a man for making bomb threats against Jewish institutions.
Think Progress – Conservative crackdown on protests would label North Carolina dissenters ‘economic terrorists.’
The Daily Dot – ICE Agents nab father while dropping off his daughter at school.
Media Matters – The Daily Mail’s xenophobic pseudo-journalism is fueling the alt-right.
KOMO News (Seattle) – Self-avowed white supremacist held on $250,000 bail in violent armed robbery case.