Headlines — 3/02/17

Mike Pence compliments racist talk radio host Michael Savage, Trump blames his enemies for vandalizing Jewish cemeteries, how Trump’s VOICE program supports white supremacy, and more.

The Los Angeles Times – European Parliament lifts immunity from French far-right leader over gruesome tweets.
Media Matters – VP Pence says Trump ‘appreciates and respects and admires’ bigoted conspiracy theorist Michael Savage.
Talking Points Memo – GOP Rep says holding town halls is like being yelled at in a ritual by ‘Orientals.’
The Intercept – Trump can’t accept that his allies are targeting Jews — so he blames his opponents.
The Huffington Post – President Trump’s VOICE program is about justifying white supremacy.
BuzzFeed News – This far-right tweet about ‘the future that liberals want’ backfired into a huge meme.
Feministing – Bathroom rules contribute to the murder of trans women.