Headlines — 2/23/17

Richard Spencer gets booted from CPAC, Kansas shooter kills one and wounds two in a possible hate crime, a battle over legal immigration looms over Capitol Hill, and more.

AfroSapiophile – What ever happened to all those old racist whites from those civil rights photos?
Elle – Kellyanne Conway says feminism is ‘anti-male’ and ‘pro-abortion’ in CPAC talk.
Media Matters – The Breitbartification of CPAC.
Think Progress – Richard Spencer welcomed at CPAC, then kicked out.
The Atlantic – The coming battle over legal immigration.
Slate – New immigration rules would have made 1990s Melania Trump a deportation priority.
The Intercept – Trump’s first terror arrest is a broke stoner the FBI threatened at knifepoint.
Talking Points Memo – Suspect in Kansas triple shooting allegedly yelled ‘Get out of my country!’
Rewire – GOP governors at CPAC call trans protections ‘encroachments.’