Headlines — 2/20/17


How ICE uses vague rules to deport immigrants as ‘gang members,’ Trump invents a fake terrorist attack on Sweden, how 4chan offers a window into the rise of Trump, and more.

The Intercept – Vague rules let ICE deport undocumented immigrants as gang members.
Think Progress – Trump invents fake attack on Sweden.
Media Matters – Rush Limbaugh claims Obama got his agenda passed in his first year because he is black.
Right Wing Watch – Michael Savage encourages armed militia members to rally outside Chuck Schumer’s house.
Salon – Leaked tape shows Trump offering members of his club a new feature — watching him select an administration.
Medium – 4chan is the skeleton key to the rise of Trump.
Bloomberg News – Le Pen advances in French polls as security concerns sway voters.
The Daily Dot – Trump supporters, trolls rally to help the president fight ‘fake news.’