Joliet Police Officer’s Wife Spews Racial Hatred On Social Media

In 2015, in response to the heightened popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement, a new social movement was created: Blue Lives Matter. An unabashed rip-off of the original, Blue Lives Matter was formed by the law enforcement community (and their supporters) to counter what they perceived as anti-cop bias across the country.

Although the claims were not entirely unfounded — police officers have been the subject of ambush murders by both white and black perpetrators — violence against law enforcement, indeed violent crimes in general, have been on the decline.

Moreover, the core belief of the movement, that advocates for racial justice were unfairly maligning the police in response to the killings of unarmed black citizens, is largely false. Highlighting the murders of innocent people, such as Tamir Rice and Walter Scott, and calling for reasonable reforms is not a call for harm to come to men and women in uniform.

And although some people affiliated with the (amorphous) Black Lives Matter movement have been caught spewing anti-police invective (here, for example), those individuals are a tiny minority.

And even within the Blue Lives Matter movement itself, there are elements of white supremacy and calls for violent action against (usually black and Hispanic) criminals. This racist, violent element of the Blue Lives Matter movement prompted author and journalist Max Blumenthal to raise the question of whether or not it is a “racist hate group.”

In doing so, Blumenthal offers up numerous comments from the official Blue Lives Matter Facebook page that spew racial invective and call for the execution of Black Lives Matter “terrorists.”

Blumenthal’s focus, however, was mainly on Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, has no shortage of Blue Lives Matter supporters either.

One of the most popular pro-Blue Lives Matter Twitter feeds belongs to Andie Pauly, who goes by the handle of @andieiamwhoiam. Pauly identifies herself as a Chicago resident, but was later revealed to be the wife of Joliet Police Officer Michael Pauly. Andie Pauly has a long, well-documented history of far-right and racist rhetoric.

Her Twitter background proclaims “Blue Lives Matter” in bold letters. She obsesses over “black crime” and “black illegitimacy” rates. She repeatedly calls for the execution of black “thugs” and “ferals.” And she has amassed tens of thousands of followers, whom she allegedly orders to harass and dox her enemies.

Pauly first entered my radar after she made some unhinged comments about Tamir Rice — the 12 year-old black child who was shot dead by a Cleveland cop for carrying a toy gun in public.

In spite of the fact that Rice’s gun was arguably realistic, the 911 dispatcher was informed that the gun was most likely fake. In addition, even if the gun were perceived to be real, Rice lived in an open carry state, and was misjudged by police to be older than he actually was. Nevertheless, within one to two seconds after arriving on the scene, Officer Timothy Loehmann fatally shot the boy. Even if Loehmann were to have barked out orders for Rice to drop the gun, one to two seconds would most likely not be enough time to comprehend the command, let alone respond.

However, in spite of these inconvenient facts, Loehmann was not charged in relation to Rice’s death. And Pauly’s reaction was to blame Rice’s mother, and call for her to be hanged:


Similarly, Pauly believes folks like Jordan Davis and Walter Scott deserved to die. Davis, you might recall, was a 17 year-old black child who was murdered at a Jacksonville, FL gas station in 2012. His killer, a 47 year-old white man named Michael Dunn, had complained that Davis and his friends were playing their “thug music” too loud before shooting at their vehicle repeatedly.

Following the incident, Dunn claimed that Davis opened his car door and pointed a shotgun at him, and that he shot Davis in self-defense. No gun was ever recovered from the vehicle or the surrounding area, and Dunn was found guilty of first degree murder on October 1, 2014. He is currently serving a mandatory life sentence.

Despite the evidence that the killing was racially motivated, that Davis was unarmed, and that Dunn had lied about the incident, Pauly declared Davis was a “thug” whose friends hid his (nonexistent) gun:


Of the Walter Scott murder, which even the reliably pro-cop conservatives balked at, Pauly was similarly convinced that his killing was justified. Scott, who owed money for child support payments, was shot repeatedly in the back while he fled Officer Michael Slager in 2015. The first attempt at convicting Slager of murder ended last year in a mistrial.


Additionally, in instances in which police are murdered by black people, Pauly makes sure to make note of it:


As previously mentioned, Pauly has a fixation on black crime, making numerous posts on the subject:

Pauly 37.PNG

She also rants ad nauseum about black illegitimacy:


Pauly reviles Black Lives Matter and downplays police brutality:


As well as former President Obama, whom she blames for the “war on police”:


She repeatedly refers to Barack Obama as a “thug” and a “feral,” and even attacked one of his daughters as a “twerking drug abuser.” The dog whistles are not difficult to pick up, but she ludicrously denies being racist:


And regularly engages in what could charitably be described as race-baiting and white grievance peddling, from calling a black man “uppity” to whining about affirmative action to accusing a Hamilton cast member of wanting to rape white women:


If that long list of racist comments weren’t sufficient, sleuths managed to dig up more of Mrs. Pauly’s racist remarks from comment sections of other websites. Here are a sample courtesy of Freak Out Nation in which she uses slurs like “negress” and “mudfish” to describe other commenters:


She boasts that her husband “is a police officer who makes lots of extra money patrolling the baby mamas and their illegitimate offspring”:


Here is another sample of comments in which she calls other (ostensibly black) commenters “Laquesha” and “negress,” along with claiming black people have “the lowest IQs on the planet”:


A BBC article on Mrs. Pauly points out that her husband’s employer, the Joliet Police Department, has already been contacted numerous times about her inappropriate comments on social media, but, evidently, not even that has caused her to tamp down her repulsive rhetoric.