Chuck Johnson To Interview George Zimmerman On The Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin’s Death

When racist troll Chuck Johnson was permanently banned from Twitter in 2015, he claimed it merely freed up his time to focus on a new pet project.

That project turned out to be the online bounty hunting website Wesearchr, which relies on crowdfunding to do everything from uncovering a recording that “proved” John McCain betrayed his country, to scoring the original manuscript for Obama’s book Dreams From My Father in an effort to prove it was “ghostwritten.”

Recently, Wesearchr began accepting donations to ID the antifa member who sucker-punched white nationalist Richard Spencer. Soon after announcing their doxxing effort, Wesearchr had its official Twitter account permanently suspended. And, in classic troll fashion, the website announced it would launch a (frivolous) lawsuit against Twitter.

Now, one of the newest “bounties” is for a proposed interview with George Zimmerman, whose acquittal in the Trayvon Martin murder case made him a folk hero to white supremacists. The prosecution of Zimmerman — for following, escalating a conflict with, and ultimately shooting a black child to death in Sanford, FL — has been cited by white supremacists such as Dylann Roof as the point in which they became “racially aware.”

Following his acquittal, Zimmerman has done even more to endear himself to the alt-right. He has been plausibly accused of domestic violence on several occasions. He retweeted a photo of Trayvon Martin’s corpse.

He auctioned off his murder weapon for $250,000, and was later punched in the face for publicly boasting about killing Martin. He was finally banned from Twitter for tweeting a topless photo of an ex-girlfriend, whom he claimed cheated on him with a “dirty Muslim.” Last year he was kicked out of a bar for calling the bar’s manager a “nigger lover.”

So, as you can imagine, a white supremacist like Chuck Johnson would feel perfectly comfortable setting up an interview with the racist, gun-toting maniac — and on the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, no less. According to Wesearchr,

February 26, 2017 will be the five year anniversary of the day that neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

It will also be the day that the WeSearchr team sits down with George Zimmerman for an exclusive video interview. But there’s a catch:

We won’t be deciding the questions we ask him. The questions we ask George Zimmerman will come from you, the people.

That is, their questions will be answered for a price:

That’s right: George Zimmerman will answer the top ten questions with the most money contributed to them, as counted by contributions to this WeSearchr bounty.

To ask your question, simply make a contribution to this bounty and write your question in the message box when prompted.

The top ten questions with the most total money on them…will be asked and George Zimmerman will answer at length. Your contributions will go directly to George Zimmerman minus fees, as per our rules.

The ridiculous reason given by Johnson for this interview is that Zimmerman, a “mixed race Hispanic man from Florida,” was ” maligned and lied about by the lying mainstream media from almost the very first day of the self-defense shooting on February 26, 2012.” Johnson called Zimmerman “Patient Zero for the epidemic of lying mainstream media attacks on ordinary citizens,” and claimed that he “never had a chance to tell his story and speak his message directly to the world — until now.”

On the sidebar, readers can see the individual contributions as they are made, as well as the questions the contributors want answered. Questions (at the time of this posting) include gems such as “How do you feel about DeRay Mckesson and Black Lives Matter?” and “What media outlet do you hate the most?”

One contributor requested Zimmerman turn to the camera and say “Praise Kek!” Another asked if viewing the coverage of his case changed his mind about the “(((media)))” or if he was “already aware of their lying tactics.”

So far, the only contributor who gave his name is Paul Nehlen, the Wisconsin businessman who challenged Paul Ryan for his congressional seat last year. This is an unsurprising revelation, given Nehlen’s fondness for white supremacists and anti-immigrant policies. Nehlen did not ask a question, but did kick in a donation of $50.