Headlines — 2/16/17


Hate groups are surging in the era of Trumpism, Neo-Nazis pin the blame of Michael Flynn’s resignation on the Jews, rape apologist Mike Cernovich offers dating advice, and more.

The Daily Dot – Activists claim over 1,000 entities have blocked ads from appearing on Breitbart News.
Hatewatch – Hate groups increase for second consecutive year as Trump electrifies the radical right.
Columbus Alive – A closer look at Andrew Anglin, the white nationalist from Worthington.
AlterNet – Trump weaves a bizarre blend of Zionism and fascism in making a new Mideast policy.
Raw Story – Trump labor secretary pick Andy Puzder withdraws his nomination.
Forward – Smearing fellow Jews as ‘kapos’ disqualifies David Friedman from representing America.
Think Progress – ICE agents arrested a domestic violence victim trying to get a protective order.
Wonkette – A belated ‘alt-right’ Valentine from your boyfriend Mike Cernovich and his magic sperm.
Media Matters – Neo-Nazis blame ‘the Jews’ for Michael Flynn’s resignation.