ICYMI — 2/12/17

White nationalists launch an ineffectual boycott of Netflix, Pat Buchanan wants Trump to “break judicial power,” Matt Forney resorts to e-begging, and more.

  • At The Right Stuff, Nathan Bedford Forrest denounces the concept of America being a “nation of immigrants”: “After over three centuries of virtually 100% European immigration (1607-1965), Americans have, out of fear that they might be called ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic,’ spent the past fifty years inviting in the ‘huddled masses’ and “wretched refuse” from some of the worst places in the world. With the election of the ‘America First’ candidate, Donald Trump, this treason against our heritage is now finished.”
  • Yaroslav Lavrentievich Podvolotskiy of American Renaissance says “President Trump would be wise to extend the immigration ban to all Muslim countries.”
  • Matt Forney begs for donations to sue The Daily Beast for libel because they mistakenly named him as the Quebec mosque gunman.