Headlines — 1/28/17

Trump’s Muslim ban has led to the detainment of refugees at airports, white nationalists exploit black-on-white crime to push a narrative of white victimhood, Trump’s potential DHS hire promoted the racist website VDARE, and more.

The Intercept – Trump’s Muslim ban is the culmination of War on Terror mentality, but still uniquely shameful.
The New York Times – Refugees detained at U.S. airports, prompting legal challenges to Trump’s immigration order.
Raw Story – Woman admits she made up claims that led to Emmett Till’s brutal lynching.
Think Progress – Trump’s EPA pick stonewalls senators questioning his industry ties.
Media Matters – Potential DHS hire Jon Feere promoted anti-immigrant white nationalist website.
Hatewatch – How white nationalists exploit tragedy to build a narrative of white victimhood.
AlterNet – Inside Trump’s bogus investigation of voter fraud lies the GOP’s long crusade to keep people of color from voting.
The Daily Dot – New FCC chairman takes first steps to weaken net neutrality.
The New Yorker – Steve Bannon’s war on the press.
The Root – Lawsuit against Marilyn Mosby could make prosecutors more fearful of going after abusive cops.