Headlines — 1/25/17

Chuck Johnson threatens Twitter with frivolous lawsuits, Trump moves to fulfill border wall promise, pro-Trump trolls are trying to manipulate the French election in favor of the far-right, and more.

Motherboard – The alt-right is trying to crowdfund Twitter’s destruction.
NYMag – Welcome to the Pat Buchanan administration.
Media Matters – Trump supporters are trying to manipulate French social media to artificially boost the far-right.
Think Progress – Unbelievably, Ben Carson sailed though his confirmation process.
AlterNet – Trump bars refugees from Muslim-majority countries as America bombs and destabilizes them.
Rewire – Trump moves to expand border wall, threatens sanctuary cities.
Salon – The Orwellian nightmare of LGBT rights under Trump, and how the new DOJ may promote discrimination.
Refinery29 – What Trump’s latest executive order means for Standing Rock.
CounterPunch – Trump’s holy war against Islam.
The Daily Beast – Trump re-opens door to CIA ‘black sites.’
The Atlantic – The conspiracy theorist in the White House.
Wired – Fake think tanks fuel fake news — and the president’s tweets.