Headlines — 1/12/17

Far right French politician Marine Le Pen was spotted at Trump Tower, Dylann Roof was sentenced to death for the Charleston church massacre, a look into the lives of white supremacist women, and more.

Salon – How the alt-right became racist, part three.
BuzzFeed News – Inside the alt-right’s campaign to smear Trump protesters as anarchists.
Marie Claire – Inside the lives of white supremacist women.
The Atlantic – What is Marine Le Pen doing at Trump Tower?
The New York Times – Dylann Roof is sentenced to death in Charleston church massacre.
Raw Story – Alabama lawmaker says Democrats’ criticism of Trump pick Sessions is part of a ‘war on whites.’
Haaretz – Once Trump’s policies begin to fail, his dark side will surface.
The New Yorker – Unanswered questions from Sessions’s first day.
Madame Noire – Judge rules acquitted officers in the Freddie Gray case can sue Marilyn Mosby.