ICYMI — 1/10/17

Several white nationalists were doxxed by the denizens of 8chan, American Renaissance bestows Glenn Beck with a sarcastic award, The Daily Stormer worries about transgender Beauty and the Beast dolls, and more.

  • At The Right Stuff, PostConservative writes that the recent attack on a disabled white teen in Chicago is “what blacks do when they have the opportunity, the numbers, and the tacit support of the government.” He requests that white supremacist views be given “protected legal status,” that Twitter be “nationalized,” and that Black Lives Matter be declared a terrorist organization — despite the fact that BLM played no part in the crime.
  • Gregory Hood names conservative pundit Glenn Beck “White Renegade of the Year” for both “pav[ing] the way for white populism” and “showing us that cuckservatism is the past, and racial consciousness is the future.”
  • A writer for The Daily Stormer frets that Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast doll is “secretly normalizing trannys.”