Headlines — 1/06/17

Megyn Kelly’s replacement is beloved by Neo-Nazis and misogynists, the elite roots of Richard Spencer’s racism explained, Donald Trump admits U.S. taxpayers will foot the bill for his border wall, and more.

Salon – How the alt-right became racist, part two.
Media Matters – Fox News’ new prime-time host Tucker Carlson is beloved by Neo-Nazis and misogynists.
Right Wing Watch – Trump transition official claims Jeff Sessions is the victim of ‘anti-white, anti-Southern racist obsession.’
The Atlantic – Will the alt-right promote a new kind of racist genetics?
Jacobin – The elite roots of Richard Spencer’s racism.
Washington Post – The story behind the sudden cancellation of Adult Swim’s Trump-loving comedy show.
The Independent – Donald Trump admits U.S. taxpayer will fund his border wall…but claims Mexico will repay costs.
Raw Story – ‘Louisiana’s most racist high school’ sending its marching band to Trump inauguration.
NYMag – Shiva Ayyadurai, who claims to have invented email, is suing another news site with the help of attorney Charles Harder.