ICYMI — 12/25/16

Mike Enoch joins the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, a writer for American Renaissance writes about how black students ruin schools, Return of Kings calls for a boycott of women’s tennis, and more.

  • George Holiday of American Renaissance writes about how terrible it is to teach black students at a Catholic school: “The topics of conversation among black students are often horribly inappropriate for any setting, let alone a classroom. Black students routinely use profanity and discuss sex…In one of my sections, I had five or six extremely aggressive black students. They talked at full volume during class, and threatened any students who asked them to be quiet. Their conversations were often vulgar, and they loudly discussed the various sex acts they wanted to perform with (usually white) female students.”
  • Markos Power of The Right Stuff claims that “[m]en lead” and “women follow”: “That is not my rule. That is the law of nature. Women want strong men to lead. To believe otherwise is nonsense. Look at history.”
  • Mark Webster of pickup artist/men’s rights website Return of Kings calls for a boycott of women’s tennis because the “obvious lie men and women’s sport is inherently the same must be called out” and it is “important we take a stand because of the dangerous precedent tennis pay sets.”
  • Theodore Beale gloats over the death of a woman murdered by a black man, writing that “coal-burning and immigrant-banging is a more effective form of suicide than swallowing pills.”
  • The Right Stuff’s Mike Enoch joins the Board of Directors for the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, a white supremacist hate group.