Headlines — 12/18/16

Dylann Roof is found guilty in the Charleston church massacre, white supremacists of the American Vanguard trick the owners of an Omaha bar, the American Family Association releases its “Naughty or Nice” list, and more.

Inside Higher Ed – Stony Brook may be reviewing the scholarship of white nationalist Ph.D. Jason Reza Jorjani.
Think Progress – White supremacist Dylann Roof convicted in Charleston massacre of black parishioners.
ABC Action News – Bar accuses alt-right group of posing as veterans.
The Atlantic – North Carolina’s ‘legislative coup’ is over, and Republicans won.
Media Matters – Alex Jones deletes video in which he told his audience to personally ‘investigate’ ‘Pizzagate’ restaurant.
Mother Jones – Trump’s newest senior adviser seen as a white nationalist ally.
Gizmodo – Cadillac cancels Neo-Nazi ad after online outrage.
Vox – Most of America’s hate groups are rooted in white supremacy.
The Daily Dot – Anti-LGBTQ hate group thinks only it knows the meaning of Christmas.