Members of r/The_Donald Discuss the Root of Violent Crime in Chicago


Over at r/The_Donald, Reddit’s largest pro-Trump contingent, one member posted a link to an article on gun deaths in Chicago. Predictably the ensuing discussion went as well as one might expect from a bunch of anonymous white people in a right-wing echo chamber.

In the thread — with the absurdly long title of “Congratulations Chicago 700 dead so far. How’s the strictest gun control laws in the country working out? Criminals don’t care about gun laws they only hurt honest hard working Americans” — the top rated comment posited that the reason for the high murder rate is the so-called “Ferguson effect.” That is, police refrain from doing their jobs for fear of being filmed and/or scrutinized by the public. It’s also not real, but that doesn’t stop the Right from parroting it over and over again.

The next comment down, by someone named inksday, argued that the residents of Chicago bring the violence on themselves with their anti-police attitudes. “Why should they put police in those neighborhoods when they don’t want them there. Bury your children and thank yourself for their deaths because you pushed away the only people giving a damn,” inksday wrote.

Another commenter pinned the blame on Democrats who “don’t like to talk about” the “gang vrs gang” gun deaths. “They are using black vrs black violence as an excuse to limit guns in the whole country while not giving a shit who dies in the cross fire by addressing the gang problem head on,” he wrote. In response, TheScoresWhat asked, “Why does this specific minority group commit so much gun violence. Statistically it shouldn’t be possible yet it is. I have been told by regressive liberals that it’s because of poverty but it can’t be since the vast majority of people living in poverty are white. Anyone have an explanation?”

dumbflame replied that the problem was black “culture,” and ChiTownIsHere added that “new generations of thugs don’t aspire to be anything more than psychopaths.” Fap_Left_Surf_Right blamed “a culture of feral youth” and black women who are “fucking savages”:

Chicago Pede as well – to elaborate on the culture, it’s a culture of feral youth. The low income women are essentially factories of the violence which is definitely not PC but give me one second to explain. They create children when they are still children themselves, which they yell at, hit, jerk around, and generally treat like garbage. When the kids become 8 or 9 they quit parenting altogether so now these kids, which grew up being assaulted, are on their own with other assaulted kids, running around neighborhoods together. Violence is the way of life.

“Why are young black male so violent? Who did they learn this from? If fathers were here that wouldn’t happen!” Look at who raised these kids and who was around to form them. If you go to these poor communities and watch how they totally trash their children, it becomes really clear why they grow up violent. Ask most black folks about their mom and they’ll happily regal you with how their mom cursed at them, hit them with shoes, switches, anything she could get her hands on. Black women beating their children is almost a cherished culturalism. They think it’s funny.

Well when You’ve got a culture of violent mothers who abuse their children AND let them roam free when theyre still children, that’s the exact cause of our violence. These women are fucking savages and everyone’s afraid to say it.

jkull2 went full Bell Curve and concluded that it was due to genetic inferiority. “Naturally higher levels of testosterone on average. Lower iq on average. 70 percent growing up without a father because mothers get benefits if they are single. These are facts. Facts are not racist.”

1967DropTop chimed in, stating that “Trump should declare Martial Law on Day 1. Throw the thugs in detention and clean up the city for the good people.” One commenter wrote that the problem is “blacks killing blacks mostly” over “stupid shit, like gym shoes or somebody pissed someone off.” He added that black people “march about police violence then go home drink a 40 and shoot each other over gym shoes.”

Who said Trump voters were out of touch when it comes to problems facing the black community?