ICYMI — 12/03/16

Return of Kings website compares black and brown student protesters to segregationists, Vox Day complains about “whitefacing and mudsharking,” American Renaissance is accused of being a mouthpiece for Russian propagandists, and more.

  • Max Roscoe at Return of Kings compares student of color-led Berkeley protests to a “1963 pro-segregation rally.”
  • AugustJRush says “transgenderism” is “the murder of the self” at Dissident Right.
  • Jared Taylor reacts to American Renaissancebeing classified as Russian propaganda by the website PropOrNot!
  • Vox Day whines that “None of the whitefacing and mudsharking and Schrödingering and cucking that you’re seeing in the media and in the culture is innocent” but rather designed to “destroy the surviving remnants of America proper, America per se, the original America of the Founding Fathers that has been under assault from the melting potists and propositionals and equalitarians since the early 20th century.”
  • Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like wants Donald Trump to tweet about “black-on-white racial attacks.”