Jason Reza Jorjani: Arabs Committed ‘White Genocide’ Against ‘Caucasian’ Iran, and ‘Parasitically Appropriated’ Their Culture

Jason Reza Jorjani

At last week’s 2016 National Policy Institute conference, Iranian-American author Jason Reza Jorjani gave a speech denouncing Arab Muslims and accusing them of having stolen from the culture of “Greater Iran” — a “Caucasian civilization” — after committing “white genocide.”

Jorjani is the editor-in-chief of Arktos Media, a publishing house for what it calls the European “New Right.” Among the authors advertised on its website are Guillaume Faye, Alain de Benoist, and Dominique Venner, the French fascist who, as you may recall, shot himself to death in the Cathedral of Notre Dame three years ago to protest France’s same-sex marriage law.

Given the nature of Arktos Media, it is therefore no surprise that Jorjani’s speech was a hybrid of unapologetic white supremacy and Islamophobia. Jorjani described himself as a “longtime student of the glorious history of the Aryan nation of Iran” and declared Shi’ism to be “no more of an ally of Europeans than Sunni Islam.”

“Nearly everything allegedly ‘glorious’ about Islam,” he said while making air quotes, “was parasitically appropriated by Arabs and Turks from the Caucasian civilization of Greater Iran. Moreover, this parasitic appropriation of a mutilated Iranian civilization took place in the wake of a murderous campaign of conquest, rape, plunder, and destruction that can only be described as history’s first and greatest white genocide.”

It was, he said, the “genocide of a white empire that was, by far, the most humanitarian, tolerant, and benevolent civilization in Earth’s history.” He vowed that as editor-in-chief of Arktos Media, he would “make sure that it’s clear to everyone” in the alt-right that “sometimes the enemy of your enemy is just another enemy.” He then declared Islam to be the “enemy” of white, Western civilization, whether it be in the form of ISIS or the Islamic Republic of Iran, and remarked that “apologists” for Islam would be met with his own version of Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.