James Edwards: Trump Must Not Show Mercy To Enemies Of The Alt-Right

On the November 12, 2016 episode of The Political Cesspool, James Edwards and co-host Keith Alexander celebrated Donald Trump’s win last week, and suggested that the president-elect “show no mercy” to the enemies of the alt-right that helped pave the way for his victory.

Alexander claimed that “the alt-right generally, and our show in particular, was one of the most influential reasons why Trump won this election.” Edwards responded by saying that “fans around the world would agree” with him, and noted his surprise at how much fan mail he received after the election.

After taking partial credit for the election result, Edwards took aim at the media.

“To the lying press, the lying press: How does your impotency feel? That’s what I wanna know today. How does it feel to have done everything you could’ve done to damage Trump, to insult him, to denigrate him, to slander him, to libel him? How does your impotency feel? You know you’ve lost the people. You bow to the people! Bow to the people, you cucks!”

He also offered some advice to Trump, advising the president-elect to “show no mercy” and to “crush the defeated.” The enemies of the alt-right have “done everything they could to damage and destroy me as an individual and this radio program,” said Edwards. “Now is not the time for reconciliation,” he continued.

“No, now is the time for retribution. And I want them to suffer.” Given the spike in hate crimes reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, it seems that this time of retribution has already begun.

Co-host Keith Alexander likened the U.S. to the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and said that God is granting our country a short reprieve before He destroys it.

“Now we cannot be like Lot’s wife who looked back with fondness and nostalgia to the old Sodom and Gomorrah. Any part of it. Remember, she was turned into a pillar of salt. That’s what’s gonna happen to us. We’ve got to look at the brave new world, now, and make all of these changes, and make them remorselessly.”

He also warned that Trump must be careful in choosing a Supreme Court Justice so that he doesn’t end up choosing liberals or centrists like Nixon, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush did.

Alexander offered up two picks of his own, recommending the “two blonde bombshells” Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter, whom he described as “excellent legal minds” — no doubt their histories of xenophobic rhetoric also helped inform his choice as well.