Jared Taylor Calls Donald Trump The ‘Standard Bearer’ Of ‘White Interests’

In a November 9, 2016 video for his American Renaissance website, white nationalist leader Jared Taylor congratulated president-elect Donald Trump, and boasted about the role white voter turnout played in his victory. Taylor, a longtime cheerleader for Trump and his policy ideas, bragged that the 2016 election was the first “in which white people began to vote like everyone else” — that is, like a racial bloc.

“Our rulers take it for granted that blacks and Hispanics and Asians and everyone else have interests that they can push for as hard as they can,” he claimed. “After decades of encouraging non-whites to do that, our rulers are shocked — shocked — to discover that white people have discovered they have interests too.”

That, said Taylor, is “Donald Trump’s great achievement”: to become the “standard bearer” of “white interests,” whether he knows it or not. Trump gave white voters “a voice” and a “reason to act” — and white voters, in turn, came out in droves to elect him president. “By electing Donald Trump, the voters smashed countless taboos,” Taylor continued.

“When Donald Trump talks about Mexican criminals, when he says our system of anchor baby citizens is crazy, when he says we need to take a hard look at Muslims, he now says these things as the future President of the United States. He cannot be ignored.”

He predicted this would be a “new era” for the Republican Party, and one in which establishment Republican figures learned that their message of free trade and tax cuts for the wealthy did not resonate with their base. He then warned that if conservative intellectuals are to remain relevant, “they’re going to have to build an intellectual framework for what voters care about, and that framework must include a recognition of the importance and significance of race.”