Headlines — Election Hangover Edition


Donald Trump’s shocking victory is paving the way for far-right European groups, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his reelection bid, the Right calls for political correctness, and more.

The Daily Beast – Donald Trump and the rise of the new Dixiecrats.
Raw Story – Far-right leader Le Pen says Trump win ‘good news for France.’
TPM Livewire – ‘Trump’ swastika graffiti appears in South Philadelphia after election.
The Atlantic – After Trump, a call for political correctness from the right.
Bitch Media – Donald Trump is a white people problem.
The Intercept – Donald Trump recruits corporate lobbyists to select his future administration.
Huffington Post – This election has completely debunked the myth of a ‘post-racial’ America.
Salon – We deserved this, America — and now we have no idea what the hell to do about it.
AlterNet – Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of the biggest xenophobes in America, loses reelection bid.
Counterpunch – Standing Rock and imperialism itself.